Mobile-App-for-bar-1Today, having a mobile app allows businesses to gain a competitive advantage. It´s not a luxury anymore, it´s becoming necessity for any business.

Having an App allows you to keep in touch with customers and acquire new ones. Send push notifications with special offers (drinks, meals, shows) and offer them special features: calendar with football games, photo album, Facebook sharing and more drinking related offers.

Here are some benefits of having an App for your Bar:

  • Improve customer´s experience
  • Reach your customers more easily
  • Create loyalty programs to retain them
  • Offer a new communication channel
  • Engage with your customers to send them offers and promotions
  • Gain competitive advantage with mobile technology

Allow your clients to make a reservation directly on their Smartphones
An unforgettable evening begins with the choice of the right table. Allow customers to make reservations straight from their mobile app.

Show Cocktail Recommendation
Add menus, pictures and videos of food and drinks and gain advantage over your competition.

Send Push notifications to your clients with offers
Send your customers a push notification message about the menu, drink list, specials, and news that instantly reach them all.

Use picture gallery to show Bar Facilities
Show your bar facilities using photo galleries and provide other useful information.

Let new customers find your bar easily
Provides accurate location information about your bar, anytime from anywhere.

Engage with your clients
Connect your app to your Facebook account to allow your clients to easily access your social media profiles.

IMPORTANT: Having a mobile app is only half of the work done, the other half consists of marketing the app to your clients in order to make it useful.

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Sample Mobile app for Bars demo:

button_apple_en button_android_en

Mobile-App-for-bar-2 Mobile-App-for-bar-3 Mobile-App-for-bar-4 Mobile-App-for-bar-5 Mobile-App-for-bar-6Mobile-App-for-bar-12