Mobile-App-for-Hotel_4Congratulations, you have finished your mobile app and you are completely in awe of the final product, but now there is just that small matter of promotion. Marketing plays a major role in the success of a product and mobile apps are not any different. There are many different tools available that you can use to help you, some better than others. Keep reading to find out about three handy tools that can help you in your quest of conquering the mobile app market.

  • Analytics – MobileDevHQ

Analytics are an important part of marketing. Once you start promoting your product, you will need to keep track of your progress. A handy tool for this is MobileDevHQ. MobileDevHQ is a necessity for any app developer wanting to promote their app. It is essentially an analytics tool, although they offer a great deal more. Just like websites, mobiles apps also need to be optimized for app stores, which is called app store optimization and MobileDevHQ offers an easy solution to the process. They provide you with all the data you need to track the progress of your app, by offering graphs and a detailed breakdown and analysis. You can see how well you are doing with your chosen keywords as well as keep an eye on your competitors. With MobileDevHQ, you will increase your chances of finding success in your mobile app store, have the necessary information you need, and get an extra insight into your market. While MobileDevHQ is a paid tool, they also offer a 30-day trial that will allow you to try out the product before you decide to buy.

  • Landing Pages – Smore

Creating a landing page can be extremely beneficial in a mobile app marketing campaign. It can be used to draw in an audience and can even be used before the app is released as a way of creating hype about your product. There are quite a few different tools that can help you in building a landing page for your mobile app, with the aim of creating a professional page without much effort and time.

One of the best tools to use is Smore. They are an online company, who ‘make it easy for anyone to create beautiful, effective online flyers,’ they have a version for mobile apps called App Flyers. Smore allows you to promote your mobile app without the hassle of having to do everything yourself. You have the option of using your own domain and you can also track your landing page metrics with easy to use analytics.

  • Demos and Screenshots – Soundstage

When promoting an app, screenshots and demos are extremely useful, this is especially true if this is your first mobile app. Without any downloads or reviews on your product, you will find that app users will be reluctant to download. By having screenshots and a demo you can promote your app, giving people an insight into your product. Soundstage is a handy tool that can help you in creating a demo for your mobile app, although it can only be used for iPhone applications. With Soundstage it is easy to build a demo; you can add soundtracks, use different camera angles, backdrops and much more.

Promoting your mobile app is an essential part of successful app development. There are many different tools available that can help you with the process and can save you a lot of time and hassle. Using these three tools will get you off to a great start.