For most of us, we couldn’t envision an entire day without our mobile phone. It seems so strange than only 10-15 years ago, mobile phones were not yet in production and the only way to communicate with each other was to use the landline. So what is the history of mobile phones and how did we become so dependent on them?

The Origins

While smartphones are a very new contribution to the world of technology, the prototype for the first mobile phone actually dates all the way back to 1908 when the first US patent was taken by a person from Kentucky for the invention of a wireless telephone. However, it wasn’t until the early 1940s when the actual work began after engineers started looking for a way to come up with cells that could be used for mobile phones in base stations. The people who spurred this development worked for the telecommunications giant AT&T.

And then again, the first mobile phones which resulted from all that weren’t actual mobile phones; they were more of two-way radios which enabled people in taxis to communicate with people in offices in cases of emergency. These “mobile phones” were dubbed as the 0G or Zero Generation mobile phones.

 The Start of the Mobile Phone Technology

It was a person working for Motorola who is credited for inventing the first useable and practical mobile phone. Martin Cooper was working for the phone manufacturer when he made history one day in April 1973 and invented the first portable mobile phone. Cooper is the first person to make the first call using the first handheld mobile phone.

By 1979, Japan was able to institute the first city-wide commercial network of mobile phones which was followed by the launch of the Nordic Mobile Telephone (NMT) system which was founded in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland in the year 1981. Within the mid-eighties, the world had seen the debut of the First Generation mobile phones with fully automated cellular networks. In 1983, the US Federal Communications Commission approved the first mobile phone to be sold to the public in the form of the Motorola DynaTac.

 Current State of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have improved by leaps and bounds, and with web browsing capabilities which enable users to have access to high-speed Internet, smartphone users can basically do everything while on the fly from checking their e-mails to sharing documents.

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