A fully customized and branded mobile App for your wine retail store which allows owners to easily show a wine gallery, send offers, show store facilities and location, engage with customers and more…


Why create a Mobile App for your Store?

Do you want your customers to come visit you more often? Create an App with a full body bouquet to give your customers a pre-taste of your best wines. Send push notifications to invite them to wine tasting sessions, special seasonal offers, wine-lists with scoring with Facebook sharing and other sparkling things.

Retail Mobile App Demo 


Benefits of having an App for your Retail Store:
  • Sell anywhere, anytime
  • New communication channel
  • Grow your business
  • Reach your customers easily
  • Increase market exposure
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Engage with your customers

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Mobile App Features for Wine Store

Wine GalleryEasy checkout processSend Offers
Wine Gallery

Setup a wine gallery with a detailed description and gain advantage over your competition.

Easy Checkout Process

Offer a great shopping experience by allowing customers to browse your wine gallery in order to pick the most appropriate one quickly and easily.

Send Offers

Send your customers a push notification message about offers, new wines, special discounts and news that instantly reach them all.

Secure Payment GatewayStore LocationShare News and Media
Secure Payment Gateway

Secure & flexible credit card payment system to allow customers to buy wine bottles directly on their mobile app anytime, anywhere.

Store Location

Let new customers find your wine retail store easily. Provides accurate location information about your store, anytime from anywhere.

Share News and Media

Connect your app to your Facebook account to allow your clients to easily access your social media profiles.


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