Looking to attract a wider audience to your nightclub? Try our fully customized mobile app for nightclubs which allows you to easily show calendar of events, share music, send push notification messages and much more…


Mobile App for Nightclubs

Why create a Mobile App for your Nightclub?

Give your customers a VIP treatment providing them a cool App which will make them dance. Send push notifications with special offers (2 for 1 drinks, happy hours) and offer them special features to create loyalty: guest list, calendar of events, adding photos from past events, Facebook sharing and more musical things.


Mobile App for Nightclub Demo 


Benefits of having an app for your Nightclub:
  • Gain new customers
  • Reach your customers easily
  • Create loyalty programs
  • New communication channel
  • Increase social interaction
  • Gain competitive advantage

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Mobile App Features for Nightclubs

Table bookingVIP ListShare & Sell Your Music
Table Reservation

Have a sushi bar or restaurant too? Allow customers to make reservations straight from their app.

VIP List

Create and share special events with your VIP list.

Share & Sell Your Music

Let new customers listen your hottest live mixes from your resident DJs right on your app easily. Your fans can purchase the full tracks, anytime from anywhere.

Add Photos & FlyersPush NotificationsSocial media
Add Photos & Flyers

Show your Nightclub facilities using photo galleries or simply share photos of past events!

Send Offers

Send your customers a push notification to announce upcoming events, sell tickets, promote celebrity appearances, and even give directions to your venue.

Engage with Customers

Let your audience save time by being 1 click away from all your updates. Connect your app to your Facebook, YouTube & Twitter accounts so your fans are always connected to you.


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