A fully customized Hotel App designed to provides hoteliers with the possibility to offers many different features such as hotel booking, show Hotel facilities and location, send offers, engage with customers and more…


Mobile App for Hotels

Why create a Mobile App for your Hotel?

Offering an easy to use Hotel Mobile App, your customers can easily book a room, get more information about your additional services, share the experience with their friends and family on Facebook and many other room services.


Hotel Mobile App Demo


Benefits of having an App for your Hotel:
  • Generate repeated booking
  • Help up selling amenities
  • Offer better service for guests
  • New communication channel
  • Offer guests an interactive city guide
  • Gain Competitive advantage

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Mobile App Features for Hotels

Mobile BookingHotel facilitiesTravel guide
Mobile Booking

Got a booking engine hosted on your website? Allow customers to book a room directly on their mobile app.

Show Hotel Facilities

Present your hotel using photo galleries, explain the features of the hotel and provide other useful information about the amenities.

Area Travel Guide

Offer your guests a powerful travel guide of the area close to the hotel and any other information you would like to know about the surrounding area.

Push NotificationsGeolocationSocial media
Send Offers

Reach out to your guests with push notifications and keep them up to date on current events, promotions…

Hotel Location

Geolocation provides accurate location information about the Hotel, such as latitude and longitude.

Engage with Customers

Connect your app to your Facebook and Twitter account to allow your guests to easily access your social media profiles of your hotel.


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