First, let´s start calculating the cost of the mobile app itself.

Simple Apps: 3000€ – 7000€ – Tech Crunch did a survey of 124 developers whose development cost averaged 4690€. They said if they counted all the personal time invested by the owner, this figure would be five to ten times more.

Moderate Complexity Apps: 36,500€ – 110,000€ – The official Barack Obama app reportedly took  22 days to develop, ten people (not all full time) with rates varying from 70€ – 110€ per hour. The total cost can be around 36,500€ to 110,000€.

Complex Apps: 110,000€ and more – If your app has new features that hasn’t been applied before, it could cost a lot more money. This way, it can cost as much as any other type of application (desktop, enterprise, or supply chain).

Let’s now imagine we just want to develop a simple iPhone app, right away we are in the 4500€. Did you want to have an android app as well? Well you will need to add another 4500€ to develop for Android platform as they have totally different systems.

Our total quote is now around 9,000€ and that does not even include adapting the app for iPad and tablets!

Don’t forget the cost of publishing in the iTunes App Store… To publish it in the App store it will cost you around 72€ per year. That brings it to a total of 9,072€ + 72€ per additional year.

Additionally, you need to take into consideration that once every year Apple and Google release major updates for their mobile operating systems.

Have you ever noticed that some apps don’t work well after installing the new operating system?

Sometimes apps don’t require any changes for new operating systems, others need minor updates and others need more. It depends on what features your app provides. Typically this kind of maintenance can be around 10% of the initial project, that’s about ,900€ per year. After this unforeseen cost the total cost of the app amount to 9,900€ + ,900€ for any additional year.

Six months after your app have been completed and uploaded to the stores, you notice that you have to add some content, change or add new pictures or correct an error.

Did you know that you will have to pay again to make any changes and upload it to the stores? Having the ability to use a CMS (content management system) to make any changes to the App is a luxury. The cost of having a CMS for your mobile app can be around 5000 euros.

Now, let´s compute the total amount to get your business app up and running in Google Play and App Store:

  • Cost of having an Android and iOS App: 9000 €
  • Cost of creating an account in the App store: 72 € per year
  • Cost of adapting the App to the new operating system: 900 € per year
  • Cost of having a CMS for content update: 5000 €

The total amount to create your app from scratch can be around 15000 €.

Now, do you think that paying 89 euros a month is expensive?
This  includes:

  • Having an Android and an iOS app,
  • Being able to change content with your own CMS
  • Uploading the Apps to the stores for FREE
  • Getting the operating systems updated when needed for FREE and much more…

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